Digital Marketing Campaign Development

Digital Marketing

Campaign Development

What does this mean? It’s simply a grouping of online strategies you employ to achieve certain specific marketing goals. The developmental part of a Marketing campaigns rests on some important key areas that will facilitate the running of a Marketing Campaign.

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Define budget and allocation

Very important aspect in campaign ideation process, a knowledge of how much you have at the moment and willing to dispose will help shape your moves to taking strategic decisions and adopting the right strategies that fit your budget. Knowing where and when to pour money in the campaign process is important.

Conduct a feasibility study

Its similar to performing a marketing research, understanding that unique feature of your product (USP- Unique selling proposition), a SWOT analysis of your competitors and the competitive market while Benchmarking other companies in your same line of business and the general market outlet helps in knowing your target audience, focus on your services, product pricing, distribution, placements.

Outline and define Campaign goals

This only comes when you know exactly what you are selling and to who you are selling (product x target audience) the main idea or theme that embodies the entire campaign is defined in this area, whether the objectives are focusing is on creating brand awareness, customer acquisition or retention and growth.

Consistently create contents

Its important you keep contents and articles current either by hiring content creators, outsourcing freelance writers, PR agencies to keep writing so division of labor can bring about effectiveness while your focus on the outlined strategies but the contents should align with the company’s goals, persona in the creation  process.

Track and analyze progress

At the end of the campaign its important to evaluate by analyzing the effectiveness of the strategies and money allocated the strategies if they are yielding fruits. Areas like the number of website organic visits (web analytics), Bounce rates and visit times, clicks and paid referrals, references and referrals statistics and engagements (likes, comments, shares)

Promotion and execution

At this stage its about promoting and executing which there exists a good number of tactics to promote either via social media, website, pay per clicks, public relations, email marketing and many other strategies depending on the specificities of each desired channel and its advantages. 

Defining company or individual goals

What ever short term or long-term goals set for the Company’s existence you have to outline them and stick to attainment accordingly. As a startup company your main goal could be to gain new customers and create awareness around your brand.



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