Office Stationery Set

What is Graphic Design?

Graphics designing or infographics is most essential in a company’s brand image, it gives another dimension of visibility and awareness when talking about branding and consumer perception of the brand generally. Here the colors are defined that accompany the entire visuals of the company and represents the chromatic color chart.

Office Stationery Set

Office graphic chart

Office stationery set just like the name are all commodities or equipment stationed in an office that helps in the functioning of the office for tasks executions and general office layouts. It constitutes of branded shelves for file classifications, information storing and technological.

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Cooperate Photography

It involves recording moments of the office and its personnel’s, companies that organize conference meetings, internal workshops, seminars or brainstorming sessions require picture moments for records and generally souvenirs. This doesn’t only heighten the company’s level of professionalism but serves as a backbone to brand image since it serves as a tool for publicity, marketing, advertising and website photography applications. It could equally be simply taking pictures of important sections of the office building and layouts for signage or as contents for its platforms for advertising purposes.

Cooperate Identity Design

Office Business set

This involves all company visuals and all specific designs that represent the company for easy identification. This is not particularly a product or service per say but just elements the contribute to branding. What lies central to this important factor is the self-image of the company, the design because it encompasses cultures, values and communication. It helps distinguish the concept of brand image among a multitude. There are other focal points when referring to a Cooperate identity design.

Corporate Design

 This is an embodiment all Company’s visual elements and act as the face- the chromatic chart like the logo, typeface, Tagline or slogan, Baseline or signature, Imagery, color scheme, uniforms, typography, social media handles, mockups, website design, layout and presentation. Strong brands capitalize on corporate identity because it is the focal point for a successful brand image in the minds of the public. The corporate identity describes what and who you are as a company, a sum of all its characteristics that defines the company.

Corporate Communication

 Under corporate identity design, there’s corporate communication which describes communication in a company it could be internal or external communication. It takes into consideration a systematic uniform way of deriving and passing across specific messages, a communication style, unique words and language level as it contributes greatly appearance of the company based on public perception.

Corporate Beliefs

 This engulfs the values that govern the Company and helps guiding lifestyle in preserving the corporate culture, characteristics and intentions.