Basic Digital Marketing and Web Development Training

Web Development .

Its always our priority to pass on knowledge and the right knowledge to aspiring tech experts or those people who generally find interest and a passion in the digital world. In the light we are offering training services for those who are interested in web development for personal or community purposes in future use.

Digital Marketing .

As highlighted at the very start of the paragraphs explaining some of our services, companies are embracing social media marketing and everything is now gradually becoming digital and so it’s important you tag along and not be left out. Offering basic trainings to social media marketing is how companies through the expertise of hired public relations officer, content creators, community managers can find their way in selling the company and its products and services via social media where there’s a greater number of an active digital audience and potential future clients. The training will be geared in training these persons to either become experts for companies or working as freelancers.

  1. Creating social media accounts.
  2. Creating and curating of contents
  3. Building excellent communication skills, passing on information and receiving feedbacks.
  4. Building and improving writing skills.
  5. Versed with marketing techniques that are receptive to changes of a contemporary society.
  6. Flexible in the approach of dealing with data, being proactive and most especially creative.
  7. Uphold Organization and time management with high regards as it’s a gateway to better customer support, strategic thinking and building solid relationships.

Some Primary Topics

Coding and CMS(WordPress)

Creating Social Medial Pro Pages

Off and On Page SEO

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